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The best way for everyone to stay on top of legal projects.

LawPal is part deal room, part project manager giving you a cloud-based workspace for planning, executing and tracking a transaction, allowing lawyers and clients centralized access to all documents, communications and notes. Stop asking "who's doing what" or "where is that final document?". We help everyone on the team communicate ideas and organize the work to be done, bringing a sense of calm and order back to legal work.

"This is awesome! As a startup CEO located in SF, with a legal team in the midwest, project management through the document creation process is a huge pain point - LawPal solves a huge number of those issues for us"
Claus Moberg, CEO, SnowShoe Stamp
Caleb Wilson, Clerk Law Office of Robert B. Dellenbach
I never thought we could save so much time. With LawPal, everyone involved is on the same page - every step of the way.
I would not be surprised to see LawPal’s structured, intuitive approach become the new standard for complex transactions.

Intuitive Organization

You have a million things to do, but you can only do one thing at a time. Create a workspace for each client matter.


Legal work is inherently collaborative. Get everyone onboard and see your deal progress in real time. You’ll always see the big picture. Never ask “Who’s doing what?” or “What’s the holdup?” again.

Centralized Discussion

Keep your team communications in one place. No more notepads, emails or post-it reminders stuck to your computer screen. LawPal keeps everyone up to date with detailed activity reports.

Document Annotation

No more illegible, pdf markups of documents. Annotate documents directly on LawPal and finalize documents faster.

Trustworthy and Secure

Your projects are kept private utilizing SSL encryption both in transfer and at rest.


Sign final documents through our partnership with HelloSign. (DocuSign coming soon).

Effective collaboration with clients during complex transactions is absolutely critical to both the client experience and the quality of the work product. LawPal’s structured approach to workflow management helps everyone stay organized and informed—clients have a better view of what’s happening, I can keep the ball rolling with less time spent on follow-up emails, and we all stay on the same page with a shared, dynamic roadmap of the deal from start to finish.

Adam Bier, Startup Attorney, Bier Legal, P.C.

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